Trang chủ WAREHOUSE Bonded warehouse and logistics service provider in Vietnam

Bonded warehouse and logistics service provider in Vietnam

Bởi Joel Luong

Bonded warehouse and logistics service provider in Vietnam

TTL logistics are not only a multimodal transport company, but also a supply chain solution provider, contributing to improving operational efficiency in the context of current complex needs. We are providing leading logistics service to a lot of machandise who want to enter Vietnam market. Some customers contact us with plan to export goods to Vietnam but not ready to sell immediately as well as not to pay duty and tax. Our bonded warehouse is the best solution in this case.

Our bonded warehouses are facilities where bonded goods can be stored for up to two years. These cargo will be free-duty during this time which ends until goods is exported, destroyed under Vietnam customs supervision, withdrawn for use on an international aircraft or vessel, or withdrawn for commercial use in Vietnam territory after the duty is paid.

MLC's bonded warehouse

TTL’s bonded warehouse

TTL logistics supply inclusive bonded warehouse service

– Services of customs clearance for bonded goods

– Lifting goods at the terminal at seaport

– Inland trucking from the port to the TTL’s warehouse

– Loading and unloading of goods, handling in/out goods into bonded warehouses

– Reinforcing, packing and classifying goods

– Assist customers in sampling for customs work

When you choose TTL for your bonded storage, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your goods are safe and secure until you decide to export or withdraw them. You can also rest easy knowing that we can handle all the steps necessary to get your merchandise from a foreign location to our Vietnam warehouse. As a full-service freight forwarding company, we can work out shipping logistics, communicate with ports of departure and entry, act as a liaison between your business and necessary government entities, and make sure your goods receive customs clearance.

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With more than 20 ỷears experience, TTL logistics has many advantages to become the leading logistics company in Vietnam and the region. Goods transported, stored, and preserved at TTL are always committed to safety, quality with the highest efficiency

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Telephone: (+84) 979 059 193 (Whatsapp)

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