Trang chủ NEWS Top 5 biggest seaports in Vietnam

Top 5 biggest seaports in Vietnam

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Top 5 biggest seaports in Vietnam

Vietnam is currently becoming the main factory for many large foreign technology companies. There have been a lot of significant changes after COVID-19. And these bring opportunities for Vietnam to develop as a supply chain hub / one of the largest production centers for these companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG Electronics. The goods produced in Vietnam can be delivered to all destinations in the world by sea freight. This country has a network of 10 seaports for international trade. And you can find below the top 5 biggest seaports in Vietnam.

Vietnam sea ports list

Vietnam sea ports list

What is the 5 biggest seaports in Vietnam?

1. Haiphong seaport (HPH)

Hai Phong port is the port with the largest cargo throughput in the North of Vietnam, with a system of modern equipment and complete and safe infrastructure, suitable for international transport and trade modes. The areas of Hai Phong Port are distributed according to the advantages of infrastructure, traffic, railway – road – and waterway and are equipped with loading and unloading equipment suitable for each type of cargo, meeting and Satisfying the demand for transportation by many means of transport.

The new terminal Hai Phong International Container Terminal (HITC) can serve container ships with a tonnage of 100,000 DWT docked at the port for cargo handling. That helps the volume of goods grow strongly, reducing logistics costs

2. Cat Lai seaport (HCM)

Ho Chi Minh Port is currently the largest and most modern international container port in Vietnam in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, in the Top 25 of the world’s leading ports. This port plays an important role in the import and export industry of the South including the economy of the Mekong Delta. The port is a chain of seaports in Ho Chi Minh City such as Tan Cang Cat Lai, Cai Mep, Hiep Phuoc…

3. Cai Mep seaport (CMIT)

Cai Mep International Port (Phu My town) is designed to receive container ships with a tonnage of up to 80,000 DWT with a throughput capacity of 600,000-700,000 TEU per year. The wharf length is 600 m with a total area of up to 48 hectares. The port is capable of receiving general cargo ships with a tonnage of up to 75,000 DWT

4. Da Nang seaport (DAD)

Da Nang Port is located in Da Nang Bay with an area of 12km2 with a convenient transportation system. Da Nang Port is currently having an important role in the logistics chain of the Central region of Vietnam. The Port was also chosen as the final point of the East-West Economic Corridor, connecting the four countries of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, as the main gateway to the East Sea for the whole region.

5. Quy Nhon seaport (VNUIH)

Quy Nhon is the gateway to the East Sea of the South Central region, Central Highlands (Vietnam), and other countries in the Mekong sub-region. Located close to the international maritime route, it is very convenient for foreign ships to enter/exit. As the central location of countries in Southeast Asia and East Asia, there are over 10 sea routes connecting to international ports such as Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), and Bangkok (Thailand). ), Tokyo (Japan), Vladivostok (Russia),…

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