Trang chủ SEA FREIGHT Sea freight from Vietnam to USA

Sea freight from Vietnam to USA

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Sea freight from Vietnam to USA

As leading forwarding company in Vietnam, TTL logistics provide full options for logistics service. Especially, we are cargo agent of most shipping lines with main routes from Vietnam to USA. At this moment, we are handling shipments from Vietnam main ports to all seaport in USA:

We have office at all seaports of Vietnam: Haiphong (HPH), Danang (DAD), Cat Lai (HCM) and Caimep (CMP). For shipments to USA, there are 2 kinds of services:

– Direct service to Los Angeles, Long Beach, OAK, Seattle, New York (NYC), Tacoma, Boston, Baltimore, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans,Houston/Mobile, Honolulu

– Shipping to inland port of USA: Atlanta, Chicago area , Chicago area , Chicago area , Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Santa Teresa, St Louis, NEW ORLEANS, OMAHA, DETROIT, PORTLAND, MINNEAPOLIS, LAREDO, INDIANAPOLIS

Sea freight from Vietnam to USA by TTL: local tariff, rate and transit time

Local tariff for LCL outbound service

LCL is a form of transportation in which the forwarder consolidate goods from different shippers into one container to organize transportation. Conventional cargo will be transported from CFS warehouse to CFS warehouse (Container Freight Station). The local tariff is as below:

– THC (terminal handling fee): 8 USD/cbm

– CFS (container freight station): 8 USD/cbm

– Bill fee: 40 USD/bill

– AMS filing: 35 USD/shipment

– Telex bill (if any): 35 USD/bill

Handling sea export shipment

Handling sea export shipment

Local tariff for FCL outbound service

FCL means the cargo will be filled with containers. The shipper is responsible for packaging and loading of containers. Goods will be packed into one or more containers depending on the quantity and requirement of each shipment. In Vietnam, there is some standard local tariff for this kind ocean freight:

– THC (Terminal Handling charges): USD107/170/200/140/231 cho cont 20’/40’/45’/20RF/40RF

– Bill fee/Docs fee: USD 40/set

– Telex release: USD 30/bill

– Seal fee: USD 8/cont

– AMS filing: USD 35/shipment

– Telex bill (if any): 35 USD/bill

Some shipping lines in Vietnam having services to US

As the volume from Vietnam to US is raising much, many shipping lines provide service for this route:

-Huyndai (HMM)

Transit time and schedule for US shipment from Vietnam

As leading forwarder in Vietnam for sea freight, TTL logistics provide flexible sailing schedule from Vietnam to US. For both FCL and LCL. Transit time from Vietnam to US often takes about 18 to 33 days, depending on the destination

Contact TTL for quoting and advising solution

As a cargo agent of shipping lines and airlines in Vietnam, TTL gives customers a lot of good choices and optimized cost. Whenever looking for inventory management or shipping solutions, TTL will be the ideal partner throughout the business life cycle.

With more than 20-year experience, TTL logistics has many advantages to become the leading logistics company in Vietnam and the region. Goods transported, stored and preserved at TTL are always committed to safety, quality with the highest efficiency

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