Trang chủ WAREHOUSE Warehouse for rent in Hanoi area

Warehouse for rent in Hanoi area

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Warehouse for rent in Hanoi area

TTL logistics is a leading provider for logistics solutions. Invested in building more than 65,000 m2 warehouse Hanoi capital, Vietnam. TTL’s warehouse rental service is always evaluated professional, top 1 for quality.

TTL's warehouse with racking

TTL’s warehouse with racking


About TTL warehouse in Hanoi

Hanoi is center in Northern of Vietnam for not only culture but also economy. The capital is the leverage for the surrounding provinces to develop their economy. And TTL warehouse has has a strategic location in Hanoi:

– 22km from Noi Bai International Airport – About 30 car rides
– 110 km from Hai Phong seaport – About 2 hours by car
– 150 kg from Cai Lan port – About 2 hours and 30 minutes by car

Use TTL warehouse will help businesses optimize the value chain. Reduce costs related to logistics and warehousing.

Some details of TTL warehouse

– Total area is 65,000 m2, there is an executive office in the warehouse
– Prime location, near the highway, suitable, convenient for traffic, freight forwarding
– Synchronous infrastructure, meeting the standards of goods preservation and storage
– There are transportation services, forklifts, loading and unloading provided at warehouses 24/24
– There are 3-phase electricity and full water system. Security team around 24/7
– TTL optimizes service for each customer request. Our services are flexible according to the rental area, the order of storage, transportation, distribution of goods, rental period, …
– All warehouses of TTL are installed with fire protection systems and fire insurance. They ensure customers’ goods are always in safe and best condition

TTL warehouse’s process of in-out activities

Step 1: Announce the plan for moving in

Customer sends proposal/plan for warehousing to TTL’s document staff. After receiving enough information, TTL is responsible for informing the plan to relevant departments such as security, accountant, storekeeper, etc. to fully arrange personnel, equipment and update information

Step 2: Check the goods condition and compare

According to the announced plan, the warehouse keeper compares and compares with the actual inventory.

During this process, if there is any deviation or damage, the storekeeper immediately informs the customer care/documentation department to promptly update the customer.

Step 3: Create a warehouse receipt

After the warehousing and counting is completed and there is no false information, the voucher department at the warehouse will issue the warehouse receipt. Then notify and update customers

Step 4: Complete the import

The warehouse keeper enters the information on the inventory card. All information is recorded on the warehouse management software system and reported to customers upon request

Step 5: Check inventory

Periodically, TTL will conduct inventory checks and report to customers. If there is a deviation, or damage during storage, the customer service staff will send a notice immediately

Step 6: Moving out

After receiving the proposal/shipping plan, the documentation department sends it to the warehouse keeper to arrange workers and equipment. Warehouse keeper TTL is responsible for preparing goods according to the requirements. At the same time, issue the warehouse release ticket with full information and confirmation of the warehouse keeper and related departments

Step 7: Update information

After the warehouse is finished leaving the warehouse, the storekeeper re-counts the inventory. Simultaneously update accurate data to the system accurately and consistently.

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