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Warehouse and fulfillment service in Vietnam

Bởi Joel Luong

Warehouse and fulfillment service in Vietnam

The fulfillment service is one of the most popular services in the e-commerce industry. This solution helps businesses save time, and costs and improve customer experience with delivery faster and on time. Owning a chain of high-standard warehouses, TTL logistics is the best provider of fulfillment services in Vietnam.  Our service includes not only delivery in Vietnam but also shipping to other countries.

TTL logistics will take your stock, store it,  picking-up, pack it, and deliver it to the end customers. Our service integrates with your sales channels to provide quick and accurate delivery, along with real-time stock management.

Racking warehouse of TTL logistics

Racking warehouse of TTL logistics

Why you should use TTL’s warehouse and fulfillment service?

Save time and costs:  When using our fulfillment service, the sellers do not need to pack, ship and store products themselves. So they will save much time and cost.
Increase customer experience: With faster delivery speed and on-time response, fulfillment services help increase customer experience and improve reliability and product quality.
Improve product quality:  With professional packaging, preservation and delivery, your product’s reliability and quality will be improved.
Increase business scalability: The fulfillment service by TTL logistics helps to reduce the barriers of logistics and product storage, thereby increasing the business scalability of enterprises.

Advice to choose the right fulfillment service provider

Choosing the right fulfillment service is an important factor to ensure that your business has the most professional and effective support during operation. Here are some notes to help you choose the right fulfillment service:

Check review about service providers:  Everyone want to work with reputable, experienced and well-reviewed fulfillment service providers. You should read online reviews from previous customers, and learn about the awards and certifications the provider has earned.

Check the service provider’s facility and operation: You should learn about the fulfillment service provider’s facility including warehouses, transportation, and management systems. warehouse. In addition, this supplier’s operating procedures should be clearly defined to ensure that the needs of your business are met.

Check the cost and flexibility of the service: there is some other information you should find out as the cost of the fulfillment service, storage fees, order picking fees, and transportation fees,… At the same time, you should consider the flexibility of the service: if your business scale up, will the service follow easily and efficiently?

Consider the ability of order tracking and urgent order fulfillment:  If your business has special needs for order tracking and urgent order response, you should look for fulfillment providers that have these extra features.

TTL logistics-the leading fulfillment service provider in Vietnam

TTL logistics is one of the leading fulfillment service providers in Vietnam. With an advanced warehouse system, TTL logistics provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for warehouse management and order processing, helping businesses focus on their business activities without worrying during operations. Besides to warehouse, we provide international transportation:


We accept import and export shipment by sea freight. Goods will be shipped from the exporting country to the importing country by means of two full containers (FCL) and single container (LCL).

FCL means the cargo will be filled with containers. The shipper is responsible for packaging and loading of containers. Goods will be packed into one or more containers depending on the quantity and requirement of each shipment.

LCL is a form of transportation in which the forwarder consolidate goods from different shippers into one container to organize transportation. Conventional cargo will be transported from CFS warehouse to CFS warehouse (Container Freight Station).


Besides shipping by sea, TTL accepts freight by air. Unlike sea transport, international freight by air is suitable for high value goods, urgently needed, special preservation requirements or project goods, donations and gifts.

TTL logistics is an aviation agent (GSA) of many major airlines (TG, KZ, BO, BI, FD, QR, CZ, EY, MP) and direct agents of airlines such as CI, CX, OZ, BR, VN, ..), our service definitely meets your requirements

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