Trang chủ NEWS Delivery agent for DDP DDU DAP shipments to Vietnam

Delivery agent for DDP DDU DAP shipments to Vietnam

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Delivery agent for DDP DDU DAP shipments to Vietnam

Business today is largely determined by innovative solutions. At TTL, we are not only a multimodal transport company, but also a supply chain solution provider, contributing to improving operational efficiency in the context of current complex needs. We are providing customs declaration and inland trucking for all kind of shipments export to Vietnam by air and sea.

For shipments under DDP, DDU, DAP or DAT in Vietnam, we can support oversea customer with our inland services including customs clearance, trucking, devanning, transloading, warehouse,…

Handling procedure in HAN airport

Handling procedure in HAN airport

TTL logistics is the leading customs agent in Vietnam

We can do customs clearance at all customs branches in Vietnam:

– Customs Branch of Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)
– Customs Sub-department at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)
– Express Customs Branch in HAN and SGN. We handle orders at warehouse of DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS
– Customs Branch at Hai Phong seaport, Danang seaport and HCM seaport

What is the needed document for clear customs in Vietnam ?

First of all, consignee/importer need to provide TTL customs declarants with digital signatures. Or plug in digital signatures and allow TTL to declare customs via TeamView or UltraView software. This operation will be advised by a TTL specialist on delivery.

Next, consignee need to prepare a full set of documents as follows:

– Commercial invoice
– Packing list
– Bill of lading
– Certificate of origin
– Import permit and related documents (if any).

Other DDP jobs handled by TTL logistics

We set up a professional inland transport team on all routes. Offering flexible transport solutions, with flexible plans, to achieve maximum efficiency.

MLC’s inland transport service is full of options:

– Unloading and ordering.

– Freight forwarding package.

– Transportation of super-sized, overweight, bulk and special cargo.

– Transporting household goods and personal belongings.

– Transporting goods in transit.

– Transportation of goods temporarily imported for re-export and temporarily exported for re-import.

– Storage and distribution of goods

TTL logistics contact for quotation and advice

Please contact us to get a quotation and advice:

Hotline: +84 979 059 193 (Whatsapp)


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