Trang chủ CUSTOMS Trucking forwarder in area of Haiphong, Vietnam

Trucking forwarder in area of Haiphong, Vietnam

Bởi Joel Luong

Trucking forwarder in area of Haiphong, Vietnam

Haiphong is one of the largest ports in Vietnam. This is considered the import-export gateway in the North (near Hanoi capital area), where many large industrial parks and export processing zones are concentrated. Currently, the cost of trucking containers from the factories to Haiphong is being concerned by many businesses and investors. For the convenience of customers, TTL logistics updates the trucking price list from Haiphong to the northern provinces as follows.

TTL logistics is the leading trucker in Haiphong

TTL logistics is the leading trucker in Haiphong

The latest updated container trucking price list from Haiphong to the provinces

ProvincesLocationCont 20DC (VND)Cont 40HC (VND)
Vinh PhucLap Thach53000005800000
Binh Xuyen48000005100000
Tam Duong51000005500000
Thai NguyenPho Yen48000005300000
Bac NinhDong Tho IZ41000004500000
VSIP Bac Ninh IZ41000004500000
Tien Du IZ41000004500000
Dai Dong IZ41000004500000
Hung YenVan Lam39000004300000
Pho Noi32000003500000
HanoiBa Vi48000005100000
Ngoc Hoi41000004600000
Dan Phuong41000004600000
Thach That41000004600000
Dong Anh41000004600000
Ha Dong41000004600000
Chuong My41000004600000
Ung Hoa41000004600000
Thuong Tin41000004600000
Urban area40000004500000
Soc Son45000004800000
Viet Yen41000004500000
Phu ThoHa Hoa83000008800000
HaiphongVinh Bao31000003300000
Hai DUongPhu Thai31000003300000
Nam Sach31000003300000
Ninh BinhKim Son48000005000000
Lang SonHuu Lung55000005900000

Container measurements and instructions for container loading

There are currently 3 main types of containers: 20DC, 40DC and 40HC containers. Here are the sizes of these 3 types of containers:

Outer Container Dimensions:

– External dimensions of 20DC container: 6,058m * 2,438m * 2,591m

– External dimensions of 40DC container: 12,192m * 2,438m * 2,591m

– External dimensions of 40HC container: 12,192m * 2,438m * 2,896m

Inside Container Dimensions:

– Inside dimensions of 20DC container: 5,867 m * 2,330 m * 2,350 m

– Inside dimensions of 40DC container: 11,998 m * 2,330 m * 2,350 m

– Inside dimensions of 40HC container: 11,998 m * 2,330 m * 2,655 m

In addition to the above 3 types of containers, there are other special containers such as reefer containers, open top containers, flat rack containers, etc. Each of these special containers has different sizes and technical specifications.

Instructions for container loading

Many people take container loading lightly, but goods packing to optimize container volume, both quickly and save labor, requires experience and high accuracy. Here’s something to keep in mind when loading containers:

– Check container condition: make sure that the container is in good condition for packing

– The weight of the goods must be evenly distributed over the entire floor area of ​​the container

– In case of loading many different types of goods into the same container, this principle must be applied: the heavier and larger goods are placed below, the lighter and smaller goods are placed on top. And the liquid goods are placed on top, above the solid goods.

– The goods loaded into the container must be placed close to each other, leaving no gaps between the cargo units.

– Lashing goods is must to ensure that the goods do not move in the container when transporting by land and sea

– Containers musts be always at the best conditions so that the quality of goods is not affected

TTL logistics receives container shipping from Haiphong to other provinces

– Ship side HaiPhong: districts of Hai Phong

– Trucking from HaiPhong to Vinh Phuc: Lap Thach, Binh Xuyen, Tam Duong

– Trucking from HaiPhong to industrial parks of Bac Ninh: Dong Tho Industrial Park, VSIP Bac Ninh, Tien Du, Dai Dong Industrial Park, Hoan Son

– Container trucking from HaiPhong to Hung Yen: Van Lam, Pho Noi

– Road transport route from HaiPhong to Hanoi: Ba Vi, Ngoc Hoi, Dan Phuong, Thach That, Dong Anh, Ha Dong, Chuong My, Ung Hoa, Thuong Tin, Noi Thanh, Soc Son

– In addition, TTL receives container truckng from Hai Phong to other provinces such as: Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, Hai Duong, Yen Bai, Ha Nam, Tuyen Quang, Ninh Binh,….

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