Trang chủ AIR FREIGHT Air freight forwarder agency in Vietnam

Air freight forwarder agency in Vietnam

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Air freight forwarder in Vietnam

TTL logistics is leading forwarder in Vietnam for many years. With more than 20-year experience, we can provide service for sea freight, air freight, warehouse renting and distribution by truck. Especially, we are GSA (General Sales Agent) for a lot of airlines from Vietnam, such as: TG, KZ, BO, BI, FD, QR, CZ, EY, MP and CSA (Cargo Sales Agent) for CI, CX, OZ, BR,VN.

At this moment, TTL have office and branches in all area in Vietnam: Noi Bai Airport (HAN), Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Da Nang (DAD), Haiphong (HPH),… So all shipments export to Vietnam as well as import from Vietnam can handled by TTL smoothly.

TTL is leading air freight agent in Vietnam

TTL is leading air freight agent in Vietnam

Handling process for air shipment by air with TTL

Step 1: Get booking request from customer

Cs & Docs staffs receive booking request from customers
Lead time receiving booking request: 1-2 days before ETD

Step 2: Release booking confirmation to Customer

– Send booking confirmation to customers & advise closing time, delivery warehouse & OPS
contact at airport warehouse.
– Lead time: within 2-4 working hours after BK request or 1 day before ETD

Step 3: Request SI from customer, issue draft HAWB:

– Cs & Docs staffs request SI, IV, PL if any from customer (basic SI information: shipper,
consignee, notify goods description, AOL / AOD, quantity, shipping marks, freight term & other
details need to be shown on Hawb)
– Cs & Docs staffs issue draft Hawb based on customer’s SI
– Lead time:
Perfect: ETD – 1 day
Latest: 8 working hours before departure time

Step 4: Send draft HAWB to customer for checking:

Send draft HAWB to both shipper & oversea agent for checking, advise
HAWB amendment deadline and get their confirmation
– Lead time:
Perfect: ETD – 1 day
Latest: within 2 working hours after receiving SI

Step 5: Prepare pouch of original docs & hand over to OPS to send along with cargo:

– Pouch of original docs includes:
+ For shipment to Asia:
• Full set of original Hawb (for consignee)
• Cargo Manifest (1 copy attached outside of pouch, 3 copies inside pouch)
• Other original docs if any (invoice, packing list, C/O or Phyto certificate…)
+ For shipment to US/Canada/EU:
• Full set of original Hawb (for consignee)
• 2 copies of Hawb attached outside of pouch (delete c.w & dims in case of cut weight)
• Cargo Manifest (2 copies attached outside of pouch, 3 copies inside pouch),
• 1 small envelope with 1 copy of Hawb + 1 cargo manifest inside pouch
• Airlines’ security form + Mawb statement (for shipments to US/Canada) attached
outside pouch (each airilines has their own regulations about security form: how many
copies, how to fill in information, how to chop & sign, any other docs need to be
• Other original docs (invoice, packing list, C/O or Phyto certificate…)
– Lead time: After getting actual g.w & dims from OPS at airport (***cut-off time for attached
docs pouch with cargo: 2 hours before ETD for passenger & 4 hours before ETD for freighter)

Step 6: Send final copy Hawb to customer

– CS & Docs staffs send final copy Hawb to customer with actual G.W, C.W, Dims
– Get draft MAWB from airline for checking with HAWB and request airline to amend MAWB if
any discrepancy
– Send pre-alert to agent attaching Mawb, Hawb, cargo manifest, other copy docs (invoice,
packing list, C/O, phyto certificate,…),
– Give special instruction to agent in case of DDU/DDP
– Lead time: within ETD

Handling at HAN airport Vietnam

Handling at HAN airport Vietnam

TTL can handle most kind of cargo by air

General cargo

Owning a global agent system, TTL is committed to the fastest, cheapest air transport service on the market. For ordinary consumer goods, household goods, … TTL logistics can handle and arrange to bring goods from Turkey to Vietnam quickly without any obstacles.

Frozen cargo

Frozen chemistry is characterized as perishable, perishable if not stored and handled properly. With years of experience and flexible handling of goods, your shipment will be delivered as quickly as possible and will certainly remain fresh.

Upon receiving requests from customers, TTL experts will advise on how to pack the goods in accordance with IATA standards. Ensure goods do not leak or infect surrounding goods. Refrigeration materials commonly recommended by TTL are dry, liquefied gas or Gel cooling. Each material has a unique advantage and suitable for each item

Hazardous goods

With an experienced and well-trained IATA staff, TTL logistics provides special storage areas for dangerous goods. There are below all class DG cargo:

Class 1 – Explosives

Class 2 – Gas

Class 3 – Flammable liquid

Class 4 – Flammable solids

Class 5 – Oxidizers and organic peroxides

Class 6 – Toxic substances and infectious substances

Class 7 – Radioactive materials

Class 8 – Corrosives

Class 9 – Other dangerous goods

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