Trang chủ AIR FREIGHT Top air freight agent – professional in Vietnam

Top air freight agent – professional in Vietnam

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Top air freight agent – professional in Vietnam

As we all know, Asia is a major engine for global trade. And among Asian countries, Vietnam is the leading supplier for electronics, electrical equipment, automobiles and their components, textiles and plastics,… They are almost high valued goods, and shipped by air freight from Vietnam to all over the world. Finding a freight forwarder handle your air shipment imported from Vietnam is very important to your business.

Selecting air freight agent is not as difficult as it sounds. Nowadays, local freight forwarder is hired by most customers. And TTL logistics is the best among choices.

Air freight from Vietnam to the world

Air freight from Vietnam to the world

Why should choose TTL logistics as your air freight agent?

As top forwarder in Vietnam, TTL logistics can work on the promise on shipping your goods cost-effectively and in good condition. Here below is our range of services that surely match your request:

– Negotiating for the best air freight

– Providing good space via airlines

– Preparing shipping documents

– Help customer to supervise procedure of packing, labelling and transportation of cargo

– Provide warehouse service

– Customs brokerage

– Offering expert advice on the best possible routes and costs, customs regulations, country-specific trade laws, political situations and so on.

Air freight quotation: how to understand ?

The unit price for air freight is based upon kilograms: the rate per kilograms multiplied with gross weight of the whole shipment. However, due to limited loading space of aircraft, we have another way to calculate air freight. For cargo that is low density (small weight and big dimensions), the invoice will be issued according to volume. We call that “volumetric weight”. Equation for volumetric weight is below:

Volumetric weight (average freight) = Volume (CBM) x 167

Another way to calculate volumetric weight:

Volumetric weight calculation

Volumetric weight calculation

Air cargo process from Vietnam to the world

TTL logistics have process to handle all cargo shipped by air from Vietnam. There are some steps:

Step 1: Customers send booking request to TTL at least 1 day before departure date (ETD). Information to be provided: routing, cargo name, weight, size, requested departure date

Step 2: Immediately after receiving the booking request from the customer, our air freight team will submit for booking and send the booking confirmation to the customer. Lead time is 1-2 hours after receiving the customer’s request.

Step 3: TTL’s Docs team collects shipping instructions from customers, issues draft airway bills for customers to check and confirm.

Step 4: After the goods are loaded onto the plane and transported, the status (processing at the airport, loading and unloading, stamping, etc.) will be updated by TTL to the customer with pictures via email.

Step 5: In case the customer hires TTL’s inland transportation service and customs declaration, we will do customs clearance and deliver the goods at the customer’s address upon request (Door delivery)

Some questions for air freight from Vietnam to the world?

Who should place booking: Vietnamese seller or buyer?

It is clear that you will get better rate by placing booking by yourselves. Vietnamese suppliers can do it for CIP/CPT shipment. But buyers should reserve this right to control the cost and transit time.

Is insurance necessary for air consignment?

Yes. We recommend you to buy insurance for air shipment. The cost for insurance  is about 0.15% of CIF value.

Are there any restrictions?

For some goods that contain lithium batteries or DG cargo, you must comply restrictions by International Air Transport Association (IATA).  There are some rules about marking and label, and required documentation.

Hazard and handling label by IATA

Hazard and handling label by IATA

Every consignment can be tracked

Process for Air freights are strict and quick. Procedures make you track your shipment. This system of live tracking is a great advantage. You will be up-to-date every time of the evolution of the transport. The link for tracking is:

Is air freight always the most expensive way of transport?

Generally, air freight is much higher than sea freight for all goods. In spite of high rate, air freight has a lot of advantage:

– Air freight is not only the fastest method of transportation, but also the safest. It often takes about 3~7 days by air freight, in stead of more than 20 days, even 40 days as sea freight

– By choosing this method, you will minimize the the risk probability (breakage, theft…) during the transport of your products

– You always know where is your parcels by tracking online every time you want


Vietnam is big market and require particular attention. To avoid any issue with the customs, you should prepare all needed documents, and prepare all process from production, customs procedures, transportation,… You can contact TTL logistics team any time to get advice and best quote.

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