Trang chủ CUSTOMS Customs brokerage in area of Haiphong, Vietnam

Customs brokerage in area of Haiphong, Vietnam

Bởi Joel Luong

Customs brokerage in area of Haiphong, Vietnam

TTL logistics is the leading forwarding service provider in Haiphong area. Besides to freight forwarding, we do customs procedures for import and export goods at Haiphong port. With a team of professional and experienced staff, our customs brokerage service is always appreciated for its quality, accuracy as well as very fast.

Customs brokerage service at Haiphong

Customs brokerage service at Haiphong

Customs procedures at Hai Phong port

Step 1: TTL logistics receives initial information from customers: product name, quantity, HS code, etc. TTL’s specialists will advise customers on necessary procedures (licenses, state quality inspection). , inspection,…), import duty tariffs.

Step 2: The customer provide a full set of documents (bill of lading, invoice, packing, license, catalog, …) and account on the VNACCS/VCIS system. TTL logistics will arrange customs declaration

Step 3: The customs specialist conducts electronic customs declaration based on the information provided by the customer. At this step, the results of channeling (Green, Yellow, Red) are displayed on the electronic customs system

Step 4: TTL”s operation stuff clear customs based on the results of channeling from the customs system.

Step 5: The goods will be delivered to the address requested by the customer.

Requested documents to clear customs at Haiphong port

– Commercial invoice

– Packing list

– Final customs declaration, with results of channeling

– Final bill of lading

– Other goods-related documents and papers (if any): Certificate of origin (CO), certificate of quality (CQ), results of quality inspection, analysis and classification, Product announcement …

Customs clearance time at Hai Phong port

Import and export goods, while passing through the customs territory, will be divided into green/yellow/red channels. For green channel goods, goods are automatically cleared; The yellow channel must go through the process of checking the documents of the customs officer (about 30 minutes to 1 hour from the time the declaration is opened). Particularly for the red channel, besides having to submit the hard copy documents, the actual inspection is required. Normal inspection time is 1/2 to one business day.

TTL logistics provide customs brokerage in area of Haiphong

TTL logistics has an office in Hai Phong with a team of nearly 20 experienced field staff. We are always available at all Customs branches to be ready for customs clearance, update news or Customs feedback on price consultation, additional documents.

We currently can clear customs at:

– Customs Sub-department of Hai Phong port KV1

– Customs Branch of Hai Phong port KV2

– Customs Sub-department of Hai Phong port KV3

– Dinh Vu port border gate customs branch

– Sub-Department of Customs for processing investment

– And other Customs Sub-department: Bac Giang (Běijiāng), Bac Ninh (Běiníng), Thai Nguyen (Tàiyuán), Hoa Binh (Hépíng), Ha Nam (Hénán)

Benefits of using customs services at Haiphong port of TTL logistics

– Customers can be consulted for free on import and export procedures and tax rates

– TTL logistics staff are all experienced and enthusiastic professionals. Always ready to support and serve customers 24/7

– TTL’s working criteria always take customer satisfaction as a guideline for operation: Prepare documents with the fastest progress, convenience and maximum time savings.

– Reasonable and effective service costs and prices. There is always a compromise on service quality and service costs. Specifically, from the 2nd container onwards, the service cost will be reduced by 30% compared to the first container

– TTL provides a full range of logistics services from international transport to domestic transportation, warehousing and distribution of goods. Therefore, customers can completely trust while assigning responsibility to TTL

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